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Erfurt Library/former Jena Library

The historic library of the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht, or OLG) in Jena arose out of the holdings of the Royal Court (1566–1816 in Jena), the Higher Appeals Court (1817–1879 in Jena) and the earlier Higher Regional Court in Jena (1879–1952).

The OLG was moved to Gera in 1945. In early 1950, there was another move to Erfurt. The Erfurt library was then moved, after the closure of the OLG in 1952, to the German Institute for Legal Studies in Potsdam-Babelsberg. The library remained at the Academy for Administration and Law.

In 1991, the Potsdam University Library took over the existing book collections. In 1998, the library was moved back to the OLG in Jena. The parts relevant to Prussian law, however, remained at the University Library in Potsdam. The state of Thuringia transferred ownership of this part of the library to the state of Brandenburg.