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Submit Deposit Copies of Your Thesis

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Dissertations or Habilitation Theses

The doctoral degree regulations/Promotionsordnungen of Potsdam University and the post-doctoral degree regulations/Habilitationsordnung of the Faculty of Science stipulate the publication of dissertations and habilitation theses as well as the submission of additional printed deposit copies at the University Library.

Dissertations and habilitation theses may be published online on the Publication Server of the university or in print. The number and form of the deposit copies depend on the specific requirements of the faculties and the publication type chosen.

Please check the general and specific requirements on this website before you start printing the deposit copies.

Printexemplare und Tablett
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Thesis Submission


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Universitätsbibliothek Potsdam
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Please note: After the submission of your dissertation or habilitation thesis, please do not forget to add your thesis to the University Bibliography.