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Special Collections

Judaica and Hebraica

Portrait Israil Bercovici

Bercovici Collection

Estate and library with numerous documents on Eastern European Yiddish life

Portrait Yehuda Aschkenasy

Aschkenasy Collection

scholar's library including Hebrew rabbinical literature and associated research literature

Portrait Israel Mehlmann

Mehlman Collection

scholar's library on Kabbalah, Hasidism, and liturgy, and sources from the Talmud, Midrash, and Halakhah, as well as research literature

Portrait Dieter Adelmann

Adelmann Collection

scholar's library and estate, especially on the works of Hermann Cohen

David Kohan

David Kohan's Jewish Music Archive

Audio collection of Yiddish songs and lectures, Jewish melodies, Klezmer music, prayer chants, as well as Hebrew and Sephardic songs


About the Judaica and Hebraica collections of Potsdam University Library

presentation of the various Judaica and Hebraica collections and their central focuses

Further Collections

Digitales Brandenburg Portal

Digitales Brandenburg

digital collections of the Potsdam University Library and its cooperation partners

Ekkehard Albrecht zur Megede

Zur Megede Collection

private collection and publications on track and field athletics by Ekkehard Albrecht zur Megede