Publish on the Publication Server of Potsdam University

open book with binary codes
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Publish online according to Open Access principles

You can publish your scientific works online on our publication serverfree of charge. Your online publication will be accessible immediately and archived permanently. It can be researched via catalogues and search engines worldwide.

What can you publish?
- scientific articles
- preprints and postprints
- dissertations and habilitation theses
- monographs
- edited volumes and conference proceedings
- second publications of reviewed publisher's versions

Publishing conditions:
- author or editor membership of Potsdam University
- particular quality requirements (scientific supervision, defined minimum grade and/or recommendation etc.)
- revised and printable version of manuscript
- author owns complete usage rights
- Potsdam University Press receives simple usage right & right to archive the document

open book with binary codes
Photo: tOrange/CC-BY

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