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Bercovici Estate Project

The holdings and library of the Israil Bercovici Estate have been acquired for the University of Potsdam Library since 1997 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Karl E. Grözinger at the Chair of Religious Studies.

With support from the German Research Foundation (DFG), the estate has been incorporated and catalogued in a research project run by the University Library and the Professor of Religious Studies. During the course of work on the inventory, Dr. Elvira Grözinger wrote the first scholarly appraisal in 2002, entitled Yiddish Culture in the Shadows of Dictatorships (Die jiddische Kultur im Schatten der Diktaturen). Israil Bercovici – Leben und Werk (Israil Bercovici – Life and Work) has been published by Philo Verlag.

You can find more information in the inventory of the Israil Bercovici Estate.