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Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation

Requirements for manuscript submission

1. Final version

The manuscript must be uploaded in its final version. Therefore, it is the authors’ responsibility to correct typographical and formal errors before submission. This way, processing time can be minimized. If you notice errors during the editing process, you must correct them yourself and resubmit the document, while maintaining all changes made.


All headings in the PDF have to be included in the bookmark list for easy navigation.
Example how to create bookmarks using Word
Example using LaTeX
Example how to create bookmarks using Adobe PDF

3. Format

The page format of the manuscript needs to be consistent (DIN A4, DIN A5, US Letter, etc.), even if it contains articles with different page formats. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct adaptation of the document.
Example using Word
Example using Adobe PDF, US Letter to DIN A4

The manuscript has to be laid out in portrait format. All pages in landscape format must be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Example using Adobe PDF

4. Pagination

The pagination of the manuscript has to be consecutive. The left page must always have an even number and the right page an odd number. If this is not the case, please add a blank page where appropriate (preferably after the cover page or before the main text). If the manuscript does not meet the requirement of correct page numbering, the document cannot be processed.
Example how to edit the pagination using Word
Example how to edit the pagination using LaTeX
Example how to edit the pagination using Adobe Acrobat

5. Machine readability and accessibility

All content which contains text has to be machine readable, that means:
• it cannot consist of images
• it must be searchable
• text components must be able to be marked or selected

If included text consists of images, either the original file should be included in the creation format of the draft version or a text-based version should be requested from the publisher. This especially applies to the publisher's version of articles that are included in cumulative dissertations.

6. CV and personal data

If the manuscript contains a CV or other personal data, please remove all relevant pages from your manuscript. Replace these pages with a filler stating “This page contains personal data and was removed from the document.” Do not include your address, email, or any other personal information on the cover page of your dissertation. If the CV was originally linked to the table of contents, the link to the page with the aforementioned note may be retained.

Please note: Unfortunately, the University Library cannot accept documents that do not meet the aforementioned requirements.