Step by Step to Your Publication

1. Contact/publishing request

First, we would like you to provide us with the basic information of your project: via contact form, e-mail or on the phone. You can also make an appointment with one of our associates to discuss your project beforehand. We will be happy to help.


2. Completion and submission of the manuscript

Please note that special formal aspects in terms of structure, style o typography  etc. have to be taken into consideration when finishing the manuscript. For questions concerning  your manuscript, please get in touch with us.

Please submit the manuscript via our publishing form. In case your file exceeds 250 MB, please contact us .


3. Cost planning and publishing contract

After a first review of the manuscript and the document information, we will provide you with a quotation for typesetting and printing. After you signed the publishing contract , we will commission typesetting of your manuscript. See Costs and Financing for more information.


4. Preparation of first typeset

The manuscript will be typeset professionally (unless the submitted document is set in LaTex). A title page, cover and an imprint will be added to the document. As all our publications, your work will be released with a coloured soft cover which is designed according to University of Potsdam corporate identity. For any example, check out our New Publications


5. First correction phase

Having received the first typeset version of the document, we will conduct a first proofreading and send it to you afterwards. At this stage, corrections are still possible. After your feedback, we will forward the document to the typesetter for final corrections. Upon your approval, the publication will be made available on our publication server. If you decided for a print publication, you would give your print approval at this stage, and a first print proof will be printed.


6. Proof preparation

An external printing company prepares the first proof ("Andruck" in German) as a standardized digital print and sends it to us for inspection. More convenient prints in terms of quality and style, such as hardcover, English brochure or superior paper quality, are possible on demand.


7. Second correction phase

In the second correction phase (print publications only) we examine  the layout and the colour quality of the proof. Then, you will receive the proof for examination and your print approval.


8. Release & distribution
Having received your print approval, the printing company will start preparing the first edition. After that, your document will be published on our publication server and registered in various catalogues and databases. Once your publication has been released, we will take care of the distribution of the print copies via publication exchange and the book trade (bookshops, Amazon and our own web shop).


9. Invoicing
We advance the costs for typesetting and printing first, and will send you an invoice afterwards.


Duration of publishing process:
The processing time from manuscript receipt to publication is approx. 12 to 15 weeks.