Reading Stations

All of our Departmental Libraries have numerous reading stations. There are power outlets at many of the desks, or in floor boxes (please avoid tripping hazards).

Computer Workstations

Use one of our computer workstations for literature research or to write your own scholarly texts. WLAN is available throughout the campus for all students and staff. External users can use eduroam. The service desks also offer headphones for use within the library.


We provide support for the last part of your studies by offering carrels (work cubicles) for writing scholarly theses.

Please submit your application for one semester of carrel use at the information desk of your Departmental Library by two weeks before the beginning of the semester, at the latest: carrel application form.

Potsdam University Library assumes no liability for the loss or damage of objects of any kind.
Rules governing the assignment of carrels (individual work cubicles), lockable book trolleys, and lockers in the reading room

In addition to the carrels, we also offer book trolleys or reading room lockers so that you can store your work materials in the library.

Special Reading Room

In the Special Reading Room in the Departmental Library in Golm you can register to view old, valuable items that require protection. These items are works that have high ideal or material value, that belong to closed collections, or that require particularly careful handling due to their fragility.

Valuable and protected inventory items cannot be ordered in the Online Catalogue.

Please contact the information desk at your Departmental Library to make an appointment to view such materials.

For more information, please see the brochure for the use of old, valuable materials that require protection at the University Library of Potsdam.

Parent-Child Room

Bring your children with you to the Departmental Library in Golm (3rd upper floor).

For the parents, there is a workstation with WLAN. For the children, there is a diaper changing station, a selection of books for babies and children, room to play, and various toys.

The room is freely accessible during opening hours.