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Lockers for Clothing

Coats, folders, bags and umbrellas cannot be taken into the library rooms at the Babelsberg/Griebnitzsee Departmental Library. At Neues Palais and the IKMZ in Golm, the checkroom requirement is currently suspended. We provide checkroom lockers in all three departmental libraries during opening hours
There are lockers for these items, and they are available during opening hours.
Please bring your own padlock (with a bar thickness of at least 5 mm and at most 6 mm).
We ask that you empty out your locker by closing time.
Lockers used in an unauthorized manner will be emptied.

There are baskets in every library so that you can carry your work materials with you.

Please take your valuables with you into the library and do not leave them unattended.
The University cannot assume liability for the loss of your personal items.

Rules governing lockers and lost property at the University of Potsdam Library

Book Trolleys

The Babelsberg and Neues Palais locations offer lockable book trolleys to store your work materials. These trolleys are assigned, upon application, to individuals for up to eight weeks’ time for the preparation of scholarly work. If you are interested, please contact the information desk.
Application Form for a Book Trolley


Reading Room Lockers

In all departmental libraries, reading room lockers are available for students of the University of Potsdam to store working materials, even overnight (in the Departmental Library Neues Palais you will find the lockers in house 10). The period of use is 28 days. To open and close the lockers, simply hold your PUCK against the lock. When you use the reading room lockers for the first time, you must initialize your PUCK by placing it on the nearby terminal.

Potsdam University Library assumes no liability for the loss or damage of objects of any kind.
Rules governing the assignment of carrels (individual work cubicles), lockable book trolleys, and lockers in the reading room