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Access to Electronic Resources

Potsdam University Library has subscribed to a large number of scholarly e-books, e-journals, and databases.
You can typically find these resources in the Library's  Online Catalogue.
Please note the licensing conditions of the individual publishers and the copyright rules.

You can use e-books, e-journals, and databases within the University of Potsdam’s campus network.

Special conditions apply if you wish to access these resources with your own device or from an off-campus location:

Members of Potsdam University

  • On-campus use:  WLAN use with mobile devices is possible. You can find configuration instructions on ZIM’s website (in German).
  • Off-campus use: All university members have access to off-campus access to electronic resources of the Potsdam University Library. You need a VPN connection. ZIM's website (in German) has instructions on how to configure this.
    Please note that some resources are only available on-campus and are not available via a VPN connection.

Guest Users

As a guest user from participating scholarly institutions, you will receive DFN-Roaming/eduroam access to the electronic resources licensed to the University of Potsdam. To do this, you must be registered with your home institution; follow the technical instructions provided by ZIM at Potsdam University (in German).

Please note the terms and conditions of use for e-resources

In case of fraudulent use access to fulltexts will be denied to all members of the University.

Please note the publishers' terms and conditions of use when using licensed e-resources such as electronic journals, databases or e-books.

It is generally forbidden...
... to download articles or search results systematically, especially with the help of robots.
... to copy and distribute articles and search results systematically and to resell them.

Access to fulltexts of licensed e-resources is limited to University members. Fulltexts may only be printed and stored for personal use and research.

Get in Touch

If you have questions about the use of e-books, e-journals or databases, please contact us.

Ask A Librarian

Neues Palais+49(0)331 977-4149
Golm+49(0)331 977-2594
Babelsberg+49(0)331 977-3311