Delivery Services

Internal Document Delivery Service for lecturers at the University

We provide scanned articles of our print journal holdings from the library stacks. You can order articles at the information desk of your library:

Neues Palais+49(0)331 977-4149infonp3uni-potsdamde
Golm+49(0)331 977-2594infog1uni-potsdamde
Babelsberg/Griebnitzsee+49(0)331 977-3311infobbuni-potsdamde

Interlibrary Loan

You can order books and articles that the Potsdam University Library does not have via Interlibrary Loan.

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Neues Palais+49(0)331 977-4149
Golm+49(0)331 977-2594
Babelsberg/Griebnitzsee+49(0)331 977-3311