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Film Streaming with AVA and Kanopy

Banner for the AVA plattform: Two people standing on the beach (from the movie La Carte)
Photo : AVA hbz

During the coming weeks you will be able to use two high-quality streaming portals in the campus network of the University of Potsdam: the arthouse film streaming portal AVAand the streaming service for educational institutions Kanopy.

From the 11th of July on we will be offering a 4-week trial access to AVA. This will give you access to European and international art house films of all genres. In addition to feature films, you will be able to stream documentaries and short films that are rarely seen outside of festivals and cannot find a place with commercial providers.

Kanopy also gives you permanent access to thousands of feature films, documentaries and educational videos, mainly in English and across a wide range of subjects.  For teachers, Kanopy offers helpful features to make the films useful in the classroom, including the ability to subtitle, transcribe and curate short excerpts. The videos can also be embedded in Moodle.

We hope you find those platforms helpful and enjoy using them!



Online editorial

Julia Hempel