Book a Workstation

Due to current contact minimization regulations, the use of workstations will not be possible until presumably Sunday, 31 January 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

Booking information:

  • For each week a total of four workstation bookings per person are now possible. Due to high demand, the Babelsberg library is maintaining the limit of two bookings per week and person. However you are welcome to book up to two additional appointments per week at one of the other two library locations.
  • If you need to change plans and you are unable to use the booked workstation, please cancel your registration using the cancellation link provided in your confirmation e-mail, so that the workstation is available to other persons.
  • As there is only a limited number of workstations available and we are obliged to collect personal data to trace possible infection chains, the use of reading and workstations is only possible if it was booked the day before.
  • By booking a workstation you agree that the University Library may collect your personal data (surname, first name, email address) to manage the booking of workstations as well as to trace possible infection chains. You also agree that the library may store this data for a limited period of time - up to four weeks after the use of the workstation (SARS-CoV-2-EindV of the State of Brandenburg from 15 June 2020). After this period, the data will be deleted immediately. In case you cancel your booking, your data will be erased automatically.