Memberships, Publishing Agreements, DEAL Agreements

What kind of financial support is offered?
Discounts for publication fees/APC when publishing articles, including several publishing houses

How does it work?
- Author submits article to the publisher (please indicate your affiliation)
- Article is approved and published
- Discounted invoice is sent to the University Library

- Payment of the remaining amount (recommendation by the University Library):
using faculty funds or
using resources from the Publication Fund (application necessary)

Dr. Jan Hagedoorn

Invoices are sent directly to the University Library. For articles that are to be covered by authors from other institutions, correct classification must be ensured and the University Library must be informed in a timely manner.

Should you wish to make use of financial support from the Publication Fund, please fill out the corresponding request form Please make sure to thoroughly check the funding criteria to ensure a successful application. If the application is not approved, you will receive an invoice from the respective Dean's Office for the publication fees.

The University Library has made agreements with several publishers in order to render publication processes more efficient and to reduce publication costs for university members. Below, you can find current DEAL agreements as well as a list of publishers the University Library has agreements with.

DEAL Agreements

Springer Nature


Memberships and Publishing Agreements

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Association for Computing (ACM)

BioMed Central (BMC) - terminated

Cambridge University Press (CUP)





Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)

Public Library of Science (PLOS)

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - terminated

Taylor & Francis