3G proof required as of 16 August 2021: workstation usage and access to open shelf collection

Since the 7-day incidence in Potsdam has exceeded the threshold of 20 for five consecutive days, 3G proof (tested, vaccinated or recovered) will become mandatory at the University Library of Potsdam.

As of Monday, 16 August 2021, the following applies:

1. using workstations in the libraries is possible only with 3G proof.
2. access to the open shelf collection is possible only with 3G proof.
3. No 3G proof is required for media return and pickup of ordered items, as well as for copying and scanning.

Even with a valid 3G proof, it is mandatory to wear a medical mask and comply with current hygiene rules while in the library. At the workstation however, the mask can be taken off if the minimum distances are maintained.

Further information on 3G proof (tested, vaccinated, recovered).



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