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Uniflow - entering and administering print jobs

Students at the University of Potsdam can use the uniflow printing service at all UB computers, and in the ZEIK computer pool, to send print jobs to all student printers on the campus.

Please note the following steps:

1. You must have credit on your student ID. Load up your chip card at a PUCK loading station.

2. To print, you will need your 7- or 8-digit ID number. This is located on your student ID.

3. Start your print job on a computer and select the printer: ubuniflow/Canon_Secure_Eingang.

4. Please ensure that all of the settings are correct in the printer driver. After confirming the print job, you will be asked

for your ID number, which you then enter (marked in red here). Make absolutely sure to check the number of pages and the total price!

Confirm with OK/Close.

5. You can look at your print jobs at any pool computer or printer before printing. Click on the “Administer print jobs” (“Druckjobs verwalten”) icon on the desktop.

Enter your ID number in the field and then click on “Login.”

6. You can send your print job to selected Canon printers in the UB and the ZEIK computer pool and pick them up within 24 hours. To do this, place

your student ID into the reader next to the printer. The black arrow at the upper right enables you to switch between print and copy functions.

To start all of your print jobs, press the “Print+Delete” (“Drucken+Löschen”) button.

To delete individual print jobs, select them and then press the “Delete” (“Löschen”) button. Then you can print the rest of the jobs by pressing the “Print+Delete” (“Drucken+Löschen”) button.

If you don’t have enough credit on your card, then the print job will appear with a cross through it. You will need to load more money on to your card to be able to print it.

Switch between copy and print mode by pushing the button with the black arrow on it (see the red marking) at the upper right.

Press this button to log out of the printer. Your card will then be ejected. You can also push the End button on the card reader.


 A4 page, one-sided:

0.03 EUR

 A4 page, two-sided:

0.05 EUR